New Merchants

  New Merchant FAQs

How long does it take to get a CBD OIL Merchant account?

Your completed application is submitted to our cbd oil bank credit card processor and in most cases can be approved within 5 business days. Echeck Processing is available for next day setup!

What information and documents do I need to setup my account?

We will send you an application form that you will need to complete, sign and return with a voided check for the account where you want the funds deposited, and a site survey. In some cases, If you are an established business you may need to provide current processing statements or other business documentation may be required.

What kind of businesses do you accept?

We are able to process for most types of cbd oils or hemp oil businesses from one owner to multi-location to large corporations. We can support card present POS, card-not-present and multi-channel merchants.

Do you offer eCommerce processing?

Yes. We support all Major Shopping Carts our CBD payment gateway offering is compatible with almost all Popular eCommerce platforms and Shopping Cart systems.

Do you provide options for accepting transactions on wireless terminals?

We only support Mobile Swipe transactions. We do not support traditional terminals. Mobile Swipe with an iPhone, iPad or Android Phones/ Tablets

Does my monthly processing volume affect an approval?

Yes, in certain cases. If a merchant needs a high amount of processing volume a processing bank will request information validating this. Typical documents requested are business financials, tax returns, previous processing statements and banking statements.

What other services do you provide?

In addition to merchant account services and card processing services for cbd oil, we also provide solutions for many high risk merchant types including cannabis industry, CBD Oil, Smoke Shops/ Head Shops, Smoke and Glass supplies. For business funding and financing of your cannabis related business try Entrust.

I think my rates are high. Can you review them for me?

100% Honest answer, Especially for a startup business, your rates are not going to be low for credit card processing like visa, amex, discover, amex. CBD Merchant Solutions are one of the few real companies out there that support the CBD / Hemp Oil Industry. Unfortunately do the the nature of the industry and business and the current banking restrictions, we have limited options as far as "low rates" go for CBD OIL Merchants. Since all CBD Oriented businesses are effected by this, you may just need to pass on higher rates to your clients. We can offer e-check services at significantly lower rates then credit card processing. You can offer a 5% off if the customer pays by e-check for example to push echeck processing

I like to work with people I’m comfortable with and people who deliver. CBD does both and that is why I’ve remained happy with them over the years Ron Schuldt - ColumbusData